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Dear Parent(s)

  Due to an unforeseen circumstances Salida School District Transportation is currently having a shortage of drivers. Until further notice we have to eliminate route #6 and disperse these route student(s) to 4 routes. This will begin on Monday October 28, 2019. With this in mind your student(s) current stop time will change and will now be15 minutes earlier.  We ask to please make sure your student(s) are at the stops 5 minutes prior to the bus stop time. Bus schedule time still may have to be adjusted due to traffic and weather.

  Please be patient with the new bus schedule as times may need to be adjusted during this transition due to traffic and weather.

    Afternoon time will also be different with some earlier or later. The buses last school pickup stop in the afternoon is the Crest Academy by 4:13 pm to head out on routes, please adjust your driving and wait time by this. A suggestion is if you are picking up your student(s) up at any of the regular bus stops  to arrive 5 minutes earlier than you do now and wait for the bus.

Please see below for your students new bus schedule. The schedule stops are listed in the order that Route #6 normally drove, the second column is the new bus and route # that your student will be on, the third column is the time your student will need to be at the bus stop. Some of your stop times will change


Stop                                              New Route/Bus #                               time to be at stop

Bowling Alley                                     Route #2                                                   7:35


CR 109                                                 Route#5                                                    7:25


139 E. Hwy 50                                    Route #5                                                   7:27


CR 107/108/106                                Route #4                                                   7:35


Palmer St/Hwy 50                             Route #5                                                   7:35

(Subway intersection)


CR 104/Big Horn Trading                 Route #4                                                   7:25


Illinois Ave/ Hwy 291                       Route #4                                                   7:20


Elm Dr/ Hwy 291(Charter)              Route #1                                                   7:37


Dodge St. /Hwy 291                         Route #1                                                   7:35        

For those whose student(s) are route #3 which covers Maysville; CR 250; CR 140 and Holman street, you are not affected by the route #6 changes. But  It has come to my attention that route #3’s timing for High School and Middle School students are arriving to the schools is real close to the first bell ring. This is causing students to hurry and eat while trying to get to first period. Taking in consideration with traffic and the weather beginning to change on Monday October 28, 2019, the bus route times for am pick up will be changing to 10 minutes earlier than the current time. Example the first stop is at 7:10 am this will now be 7:00am. Please make sure your student(s) are at the stops 5 minutes prior to the bus stop time. Please adjust your times to insure your student(s) get to the bus stop.

   Bus schedule and times still may need to be adjusted during this transition due to traffic and weather.

Any questions please contact me at my office


Evalyn Parks


Salida School District R-32-J



Hi and Welcome to the Salida School District R-32-J Transportation Department School of Distinction.

Keeping children safe is the first, middle, and last priority of the Salida School District transportation department. When parents put their children on the bus, they are trusting that their children will return to them safe and sound.  The school bus is the safest way to get to and from school. This is the privilege of Salida School District transportation team. We work on the trust that you as parents give us to safely transport your students. The transportation team cares deeply about the safety of their passengers, and takes this job very seriously. I would personally like to remind all motorists to be aware of the school buses out in our community. We are carrying the most precious cargo.

Here are some facts about the school bus industry:

School buses are the safest way for kids to get to and from school.
They are remarkably efficient.
They are an American-made product.
They provide jobs for hundreds of thousands of people.
School buses are fun to drive.
They are integral to athletic endeavors.
They are even more integral to education.
School buses also facilitate learning beyond the classroom.
They are even more integral to education.


Evalyn Parks

Transportation Director




As the Director of Salida School District R-32-J, I am honored to be able to take care of the students and staff. I have been with the district now for 17 years; there have been challenges but in transportation we persevere and keep the wheels on the bus going “Round & Round”.

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