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Salida School District Looks to the Fall and Reopening
parent survey on return options

June 12, 2020

As many have said, I miss seeing everyone.  It is exciting for most of us to see community life opening back up, and there are others that see the risks as unwise.  I guess the trick of building a true community is creating space for both opinions, and finding ways to honor both, while we develop a pathway to move forward. Perhaps that thought provides a segway to bring up the national conversation of racism.  I have no doubts that there are a variety of opinions on the issue, and public education exists in society to ensure that we have the capacity to engage in civilized debate.  We can sometimes, in our reclusive valley, think the conversation is "out there" someplace and is not paramount to us.  Such thinking is false.  It is our country, our society, within our time--there are no exemptions.  Please talk to your children about these issues.  Help them to see how they may or may not be connected to the topics.  Children begin with concrete thinking, and this issue has many grey areas, which only an adult can help a child move into more advanced thinking. I want to extend that thought of actively engaging your child in one more way.  The mental health of children can be a quiet killer.  These last few months have been tough on us all.  Do not think that your child does not need to actively process their emotions.  Talk about it and make it a safe topic to discuss out loud.

The district is 100% focused on reopening our schools in August.  We have no doubts it is possible, and expect to return with full capacity and programming for our community.  In person and in the classroom is what we are designing for. We are building strategies to respond to disease surges in the community with the persistent goal to fight for as many minutes as possible with your children with their teacher in the classroom.  The staff is working on the details right now to finalize plans and programming structures.  As we fight for as many minutes as possible for in person instruction, we are also designing new online programs to support families that need to stay in restrictive conditions. Again, creating community is finding ways to honor multiple opinions. We believe we can do that. We will announce all of the details to you on July 6th.  We will then open up ways to offer the district feedback so we can improve our plans further.

Last week we reviewed the feedback many of you offered through a quick Board of Education survey.  Thank you.  It was very helpful in guiding us in knowing what to invest in. The figure below shows that the majority of people want in person instruction.  There is a small section of our community that needs other options, and some of us that are in the wait and see bucket.  After the July 6th announcement there will be an opportunity to provide feedback again.  It helped, thanks.

Lastly, there is another way for you to engage and stay informed of this dynamic conversation. Three Eagles Communication has agreed to host a radio show at 5pm on Monday evenings, allowing parents to call in and ask questions.  I will continue this extra Q&A moment each week through the foreseeable future. Please tune in.  

The Superintendent Show: Reopening of Schools
Mondays  5-6 pm

The Peak 92.3 FM

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**Hosts: Dan R/ 
Producer: Caleb Burggraaf**
Questions will be taken by phone.  719-539-2575


David Blackburn

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