Curriculum Maps

Here are the most known curriculum maps.  If you are using something more up to date than what is published here, please let the Director of Academic Affairs know so that it can be updated.  We know not everything is updated perfectly so let us know what you are using to guide your instruction.

Find the Entire Colorado Content Standards here

Simplified Versions            Content Booklets

Find a local matrix of how Salida ensures that all the standards are mastered and not just covered:

Writing     Reading     Math     Science    Social Studies     Health and PE     Tech

Program Review and Resource Adoption Cycle

Teacher Curriculum Maps

Kindergarten    LA    M    SS    Sci   Visual   Tech

1st    R    W    M    SS    Sci   Visual    Tech

2nd   R    W    M    SS    Sci   Visual    Tech

3rd    R    W    M    SS    Sci   Visual    Tech

4th    R    W    M    SS    Sci   Visual    Tech

5th    R    W    M    SS    Sci   Visual

6th    R    W    M    SS    Sci   Visual

LA     7th    8th     9th     10th    11th     12th

Math     7th    Algebra   9thAlgebra    Geometry   Algebra 2    AP Caculus    AP Statistics

Science    7th    8th     Physical   Earth   Life    Physics    Anatomy/Physiology    Chemistry

Social Studies    7th    8th    World History    Amer. History    Geography    Government    Economics

AP MicroEconomics    AP MacroEconomics    Entreprenuership

PE / Health    K-4th   5th-8th PE    5th-8th Health/Fitness     9th-12th

Languages Spanish1    Spanish2

Visual Arts   7th     8th    HS Art

Performing Arts     MusicK-4    Band     Vocal

Job Training     Drafting  1,  2,  3,  4    Building     Woods     Auto 1 & 2      GenAuto

Child Development     Catering    Fashion Design    Life Management    Teen Choices

Relationships  Foods

Technology   K-4th   5th-8th    MOUS   MicroApps    Multimedia    Powerpoint    WebDesign   Word




Curriculum Scope & Sequence Worksheet

Curriculum Map Template--Final

Curriculum Map--Samples

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