Board Agendas and Minutes

All Board of Education meetings are public meetings and the community is always welcome.  There are BOE Meeting Protocols for participating in the meeting.  Participants are encouraged to understand those protocols so that his or her voice can be best heard. Agendas are posted here no later than the Friday prior to the Regular Board Meeting.

Upcoming Meetings:

The Board has selected The Crest Academy as the primary location for meetings. The school is on the east side of the building at 627 Oak Street, Salida. Meetings will generally be live streamed, as available technology allows, and can be found via the Salida Schools YouTube channel.

June 11, 2024
627 Oak Street
6 p.m. Regular Meeting of the Board

Minutes from Past Board Meetings:

May 14, 2024 Regular Meeting Minutes
April 9, 2024 Regular Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2024 Regular Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2024 Special Meeting of the Board Minutes
February 13, 2024 Regular Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2024 Regular Meeting Minutes
December 12, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes
October 10, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes
September 8, 2023 Special Meeting of the Board Minutes
August 19, 2023 Annual School Board Retreat Agenda
August 8, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes

Minutes from 22-23

June 13, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes
May 23, 2023 Special Meeting of the Board
May 9, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes
April 25, 2023 Special Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes
March 14, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes
February 14, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes 
January 21, 2023 Special Meeting and Retreat/Work Session Minutes
January 10, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes
December 13, 2022 Regular Meeting Minutes
November 29, 2022 Special Meeting of the Board
November 8, 2022 Regular Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2022 Regular Meeting Minutes
September 13, 2022 Regular Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2022 Work Session/Retreat Agenda
August 9, 2022 Regular Meeting Minutes

*Minutes from previous meetings and associated board packets can be reviewed at the Central Administration Office during normal business hours. 
Requests for Public Comment should be emailed to Board Secretary [email protected] by 2 p.m. on the day of the meeting. Include your name and the topic to be addressed. In the interest of time the Board reserves the right to limit this portion of the agenda to 30 minutes. Each speaker should limit his or her comments to 3 minutes unless the time limit is waived by a majority vote of the Board. No more than 2 people may speak on one subject. The Board may ask for representation from big groups. Public comment should be related to the matters on the agenda, and inform the board on those items. 

Please note: all letters, cards, correspondence, etc. received in the Board office before the Board packets are prepared will be included on the current month’s board packet. All items received after the packets have been sent to board members will be held for the following month’s agenda.

When the Board convenes online for virtual meetings - members of the public shall be allowed to submit requests to address the Board in the same manner that they were allowed at physical meetings of the Board. In order to expedite these requests, those requests may be emailed to the Superintendent and Board president via Board secretary at [email protected] by 2 p.m. the day of the meeting.  The final determination as to whether an item will appear on the board agenda will be at the discretion of the superintendent and Board president.
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