About the District

Salida Schools represent the best of many worlds. Salida is an education community that has supported their schools unequivocally. Residents can enjoy the gorgeous mountains just off their doorstep and still rest assured that they are getting a first rate education. Salida is ranked 23 out of 182 districts in the state in 2012.

Salida School District was the only district in the state of Colorado to show significant gains in the areas of Reading, Writing, and Math.

According to Jo O’Brien, Assistant Commissioner of Standards and Assessment for the Colorado Department of education, only 4 districts across the state showed significant statistical improvement in the area of writing; Salida was number one. Only 7 districts in Colorado showed improvement in math; Salida was number one. Only 30 districts showed improvement in Reading; Salida was number four.

The TCAP, or Transitional Colorado Assessment Program, provides three of the four indicators upon which schools are rated by CDE. Achievement scores represent the percentage of students who were proficient or advanced at their grade level. Growth scores represent the amount of learning that a student attains in a year. Growth gap scores represent the difference in scores between demographic groups. For example, the staff prioritized narrowing the gap between those of a lower socio-economic group and others.

The district’s achievement scores rose 6.2% this year. The district’s growth scores rose 2.7% this year, and 13.8% since 2010. The district’s growth gap scores rose 14.2% this year, and 16.7 % since 2010.

The fourth category used to rate schools relates to postsecondary and work force readiness. The district’s scores rose 17.9% this year. Salida High School is in the top 10% of schools in the state regarding readiness for college and careers.

These categories provide both a performance rating and an accreditation rating for the schools. Three years ago the district was “accredited”, avoiding “accredited with and an improvement plan” by less than 1%. This year the school was less than 2% away from being “accredited with distinction”. Overall the district has seen a 14.2% growth over the last three years.

The exciting news continues. Based on a three year upward data trend, Longfellow Elementary School will be “accredited with distinction”. They received 100% of the possible points regarding student growth. Again, based on the last three years of data, Salida Middle School will be accredited. Salida High School will be accredited, with an improvement plan necessary.

However, Salida High School made such tremendous gains that it would be accredited with distinction if only one year of data was considered. Salida High School made gains that are unheard of in education. Take the 9th grade class from last year as an example. They improved 23% in reading, 28% in math, and 28% in writing. On top of that, the graduation rate soared 9% last year. Overall Salida High School improved 31.5% from the previous year.

District wide, Salida outperformed the state in 22 of the 27 areas across grade levels and content area. Also, the district improved in 21 of the 27 areas from last year.

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